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Performance leaks: How you relate to them says a lot about your CEOship

What is your relationship with ambition? In my experience, only two possible states regarding ambition...

The Talent Corridor: do you have it?

Over the past month I’ve been in Nairobi, Frankfurt, Dubai and London and each market...

“An unexamined life it not worth living”: Testing your ability to self-assess

I don’t feel comfortable around people who can’t see their own patterns playing out, especially...
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The affronting question of viability: when you know but you don’t want to look

‘Viable’ is a powerful word because of its unflinching nature.  A course of action that...
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Looking for the performance leaks

I find it interesting that the question “Where is your business losing performance?” is so...

Patterns that need recognising

As we all head into the home stretch of 2023, a year that held many...
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Total Business Performance: A CEO’s ultimate judge

In amongst the white noise that accompanies all CEO’s daily grind, one truth trumps all...
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‘Spark’: does your business have it?

I’m always on the lookout for ways of simplifying complex leadership concepts. The CEO role...

What mode are you in: Value Creation or Value Retrieval?

If you, as a CEO, are high-performance orientated, you should always have your eye trained...
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The only two questions a CEO should be asking

Question 1: What do I want for my business? Question 2: What do I need...

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