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Solving The Riddle or Wrestling The Problem

When seen in the right light, business success is a riddle. * For some CEOs,...

‘Sacred Success’: the new code for business performance

I don’t use the word ‘sacred’ lightly. It is a powerful, dense term that is...

‘Business Rising’: the leadership opportunity of a lifetime

I founded Lockstep 18 years ago. The work we did was mortifyingly basic at the...

‘Coherence’: Navigating through a Dying and a Birthing in your business

Businesses are more dynamic than people realise. The organogram did us a massive disfavour in...

The other 50% of your businesses’ potential

On average I have found that businesses reach 50% of their potential.  This begs two...
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What next, and what more, for your business?

Across all the clients I’m working with, the books I’m reading and the news stories...

What do you need?

I try to teach indulgence when I work with CEOs but it’s a surprisingly hard...
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The potential of ‘soul’ in business

‘Soul’ is not a word one hears much in the realm of business.  In conversation...
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Performance leaks: How you relate to them says a lot about your CEOship

What is your relationship with ambition? In my experience, only two possible states regarding ambition...

The Talent Corridor: do you have it?

Over the past month I’ve been in Nairobi, Frankfurt, Dubai and London and each market...

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