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About Lockstep

Lockstep delivers leadership solutions that produce business results. We have served blue chip clients across multiple sectors and geographies over our 15-year history.


Our solutions blend in-person engagement with virtual coaching, customised online learning, and rigorous measurement.


We are optimistic about what business can do to shape society.

Our Leadership Philosophy

Lockstep teaches system leadership. A system (a business, division or team) mirrors how a leader shows up. System leaders use this mirror to hone their leadership craft.

Our programs develop three dimensions of a leader: character, skill and knowledge.

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Leaders influence every aspect of a business and are a vital cog in driving business performance.

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Strategy is a ‘code’ that is unique to every business that unlocks long-term, enduring business performance.
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Lockstep harnesses the efforts of leaders to build a strong organisational base on which to build a business that matters.

Our Approach

Leadership solutions address business scenarios: scaling; change; pivots; disruption; expansion.
Business needs are well-interrogated before leadership solutions are designed and delivery is tracked to prove impact.



A multi-step approach to understanding the true need of the business


Curating a business specific Leadership solution



A customised leadership solution that drives the desired change



Measuring the Impact of the leadership solution


with Lockstep

If you choose to contact Lockstep, your request will be treated with the care we extend to all of our clients. The more context you provide, the better we will be able to serve you.