The Advancing Leader

The Advancing Leader Program is an 8-module leadership program for all levels of business leaders. 


The program best suits leaders who are ambitious about their development, wish to create a tangible impact through leadership and are willing to be stretched. 


A game plan for tangible impact

Modern best practices

Most leadership programs are stuck in an old model that no longer meets the mark. The Advancing Leader program changes that. The program is infused with modern best practices that are hard to access amidst the noise of other outdated approaches.

The Advancing Leader Program is delivered over 8 time-efficient modules. Each sequential module builds on the previous module, creating a highly integrated experience for participants. The program builds toward a firm conclusion that asks participants to prepare and deliver a final presentation in the form of a personalised game plan. 

Program format


Elements of the Advancing Leader program include:

The opening module unlocks the deeper meaning of the role leaders play in a business. Defining success in this way provides a natural and permanent motivation to power future leadership endeavours.

Being relevant is a much-underestimated superpower when leading people and teams. The second module encourages leaders to identify why their leadership efforts matter, thus establishing relevance.

Leaders learn how to identify and leverage the innate abilities that shape their leadership. Using a profiling tool, leaders recognise and refine their natural leadership skills into a personalised leadership game plan.

Module 4 interrogates the leader’s mandate. A path to improvement is named, given a time horizon, and sequentially laid out to provide a clear path to success, whether for a team, a function or an entire business.

Building leadership craft is the surest path to effective leadership. We teach specific leadership craft that infuses leadership with technique, care and personal style, making for a stand-out experience for those under your leadership.

Module 6 teaches leaders the high-value skill of performance codification. Participants learn to identify where performance is being lost and how to plug these performance leaks. This is a rare and valuable skill for business leaders.

Leadership requires tangible impact. Module 7 creates this impact by teaching leaders how to coax their followers into willingly taking direction, changing behaviours and upping their game. This is a nuanced skill vital in ensuring the impact that leaders are required to make.

The final module provides a rousing conclusion to The Advancing Leader Program. Participants are asked to summarise their learnings from the previous modules into a concise, formally presented leadership artefact. Executive leaders who sponsor the program are typically invited to attend this module to witness the gains that leaders have made.


Frequently asked questions

There is no limit to the number of participants that can attend the program.

Measurement of the program takes place at the outset and at the closing of the program via qualitative self-assessment and qualitative feedback from another person within the business.

All participants have access to Lockstep’s Learning System, where all the learning materials, interesting articles, check-in questions, inter-module assistance, important information and conversations are housed.

Yes, we work across multiple time zones and can deliver this programme fully online.

This program is aimed at anyone who is in a leadership role, regardless of seniority.

Yes, customisation to your business-specific context is an important component to better performance.


What our clients say

Working closely with Anne and Lockstep for the past 3 years has been instrumental in the development of my role, strengthened relationships with colleagues and most notably, enriched my knowledge of myself. Her clear, steady, and thoughtful guidance is an invaluable investment in any team and business.
Katherine Freemantle
Managing Director: IMA
In addition to being able to trust Anne with the important work of helping to build great leadership teams, Anne and her team have been selfless in ensuring that we are able to carry on the work in their absence by building our team's capability and sharing their practices. Working with Anne has been a pleasure and I will continue to partner with her and her team in the future.
Nthabiseng Mutisya
Talent Management Director: PepsiCo
Anne from Lockstep understood our business context and demonstrated flexibility from the beginning, accommodating our unique challenges and creating customised solutions for our business. Their agility enabled us to swiftly adapt and pivot leading to significant enhancements in productivity and performance among our leadership group. I highly recommend Anne and the team from Lockstep for their professionalism, expertise, and innovative problem-solving abilities.
Mike Morris
Founder and Operations Director: Flash Group

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