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Leadership development works best when tied to a strategic goal and a clear outcome that leaders are tasked to deliver.


Lockstep’s Customised Leadership Solutions teach leadership skills that are specific to a business scenario and deliver measurable results.


Leadership solutions for measurable results

Building strategic leadership solutions

A Customised Leadership Solution is a rigorous leadership development initiative for businesses under pressure to change: stabilising after rapid growth; scaling; pivoting; or course-correcting. Customised Leadership Solutions differ from standardised programs due to their increased attention to detail and their ability to deliver specific business outcomes.

Significant time is invested at the inception of the engagement to clarify specific business needs, and to understand the dynamics of a business, the business strategy, and the current state of leaders within the business. Leaders are interviewed, business documents are reviewed and the desired outcome is clearly defined.

Program format

Customised Leadership Solutions follow a rigorous process: 

  1. Diagnose
  2. Design
  3. Deliver
  4. Demonstrate 

The Leadership Solution is delivered over a time period that matches the urgency of the outcome, generally between three and six months.


The Customised Leadership Solution
follows a fine-honed sequence:

A thorough diagnosis of the current state of a business informs the needs of the business and the skills leaders need to develop.

Using the diagnosis, a multi-element leadership solution is designed that weaves content, teaching, methodologies, coaching and case studies into a compelling learning sequence.

The leadership development program is delivered over a finite period of time to give leaders time to learn and the opportunity to implement their learnings. All components of the Customised Leadership Solution work in tandem to deliver a cohesive result.

Multiple measurables are tracked to illustrate the business gains that the Customised Leadership Solution delivers. The impact is measured individually and organisationally.


Frequently asked questions

Every solution is highly customised.  Every business has a unique context that is taken into consideration for optimal results.

We encourage a diverse group of stakeholders from all parts of the organisation to be interviewed so that we can gain full perspective.

We typically prefer to review strategy documents, engagement surveys, operational plans, customer reviews and product data.

The Customised Leadership Solution is designed according to the needs of the business.  The Customised Leadership Solution reveals what leadership capabilities need to be built, and at what level of the organisation.


What our clients say

Anne from Lockstep understood our business context and demonstrated flexibility from the beginning, accommodating our unique challenges and creating customised solutions for our business. Their agility enabled us to swiftly adapt and pivot leading to significant enhancements in productivity and performance among our leadership group. I highly recommend Anne and the team from Lockstep for their professionalism, expertise, and innovative problem-solving abilities.
Mike Morris
Founder and Operations Director: Flash Group
Luno has been partnering with Lockstep since 2019 to support us with developing our growing number of Leading Managers. Lockstep understood the ask and has designed engagements that have been impactful. Anne's business understanding coupled with her and the team's knowledge of human behaviour has been of high value. Together, we are building an exceptional group of impactful Leaders and Managers.
Jaimé-Lee Green
Global Head of People Development: Luno
What the hell should a CEO focus their energy on? It's a question I grappled with for years as our company and its demands on me began to grow. Rowan has helped me figure some of this stuff out and point me in the right direction.
Styli Charalambous

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