Cracking the Code

‘Cracking the code’ upskills Venture Capital and Private Equity investment analysts, upgrading their ability to manage investments. 


This enables them to drive increased levels of performance across the portfolio businesses they oversee.


Maxisiming your return through business performance

Understanding the performance formula

Investment professionals are tasked with driving performance but generally lack a deep understanding of what drives performance, particularly in an age where the performance formula has rapidly evolved. 

Understanding systemic performance is crucial for enhancing cross-business performance.  This is a teachable skill but demands a sophisticated learning process. ‘Cracking the Code,’ is a concise and time-efficient engagement for investment professionals to significantly upgrade their skill set.

The program culminates with investment analysts developing a personalised Performance Model which is applied to their continuing work across their investment portfolio.

Program format


The ‘Cracking the Code’ training moves through a carefully considered sequence:

Trading conditions have changed and businesses now have to contend with greater complexity, more disruption and less predictability. This module unpacks the current state of business affairs, giving analysts a more nuanced understanding of the terrain in which they operate.

Systemic understanding provides analysts with an accurate understanding of the patterns playing out in a business that either enables or disables performance. ‘Reading’ systems is an advanced technique that gives analysts a way of understanding where business performance is leaking, and how to plug these leaks.

Every analyst has a set of biases, habits and mindsets that shape their craft. Recognising these patterns – and making appropriate adjustments where necessary – is vital to building a fit-for-purpose craft that aligns with the investment fund’s house view.

Integrating the learnings from past modules enables analysts to build a personalised methodology to apply across their investment companies.


Frequently asked questions

Confidentiality is contracted before the commencement of the training and a non-disclosure agreement is signed. 

We encourage you to work on a ‘live’ business case ensuring that you can apply the learning in real time.

Yes, you will learn from seasoned professionals with a proven track record in global business.

We use a variety of tested and proven frameworks and methodologies that assess performance against the complexities of business environments.

We are sector-agnostic and work across multiple sectors.


What our clients say

Most of my previous experience with leadership coaches has been underwhelming: theoretical models, loose deliverables, trite commentary, and superficial analysis. Rowan is the absolute antithesis of this and the impact is fast, measurable and deep. The work is often hard but pushes people through doors very quickly.
Jonty Fisher
What the hell should a CEO focus their energy on? It's a question I grappled with for years as our company and its demands on me began to grow. Rowan has helped me figure some of this stuff out and point me in the right direction.
Styli Charalambous
I have had the privilege of being informed and inspired by Rowan over the past few years. His prompts, processes, and conversations are always deeply valuable, intellectual, and practical. His IP is unequaled, but his humanity and his deep belief that being a CEO can be joyful, creative, and energising - and not just something to be endured - is very unique and useful.
Kevin Liebenberg
Rowan has a passion to see CEO's thrive and not merely survive. He has an in-depth understanding of the complexity and demand of the role of CEO'ship and then takes it to the next level by understanding you in the role as CEO. As an entrepreneur and CEO, the input and guidance I have received from him have been invaluable and at times a lifeline. I highly recommend the CEO project.
Philippa Geard
My journey with Rowan has been life-changing and continues to be life-changing. Not only for my CEO work but as a person too. Every time I’ve sat around a table with Rowan and my CEO peers, I feel challenged and inspired. Somehow the topics always hit the right spot at a time I need it.
Carey van Vlaanderen

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