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What a CEO should be doing with their Executive Time

A key shift that must accompany any CEO coaching/advisory engagement I’m a part of is...
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Solving The Riddle or Wrestling The Problem

When seen in the right light, business success is a riddle. * For some CEOs,...

‘Sacred Success’: the new code for business performance

I don’t use the word ‘sacred’ lightly. It is a powerful, dense term that is...
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Performance leaks: How you relate to them says a lot about your CEOship

What is your relationship with ambition? In my experience, only two possible states regarding ambition...
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The affronting question of viability: when you know but you don’t want to look

‘Viable’ is a powerful word because of its unflinching nature.  A course of action that...
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Looking for the performance leaks

I find it interesting that the question “Where is your business losing performance?” is so...

What mode are you in: Value Creation or Value Retrieval?

If you, as a CEO, are high-performance orientated, you should always have your eye trained...

Sensing where your business is on the Block < – > Flow spectrum

The CEO position, and the myriad components and dimensions to it, is complex. When teaching...

Your business is somewhere on the spectrum from Stuck -> Flow. Where is it?

Your business can be located somewhere on the spectrum of Stuck -> Flow.   It deviates...
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The path of the CEO determines the path of their business

System leadership, whereby the CEO sees every interlinked aspect of their business as a reflection...

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