Sensing where your business is on the Block < – > Flow spectrum

The CEO position, and the myriad components and dimensions to it, is complex. When teaching it through my work, I play close attention to figuring out how to make the complex, simple.

One of the most effective ways of helping a CEO to build an intimate relationship with their business is to get the CEO to reflect on whether the business – all aspects considered – is leaning toward ‘Block’ or ‘Flow’.

Block: things feel stuck, slow, un-sharp, crowded and effortful.

Flow: things feel smooth, quick, seamless, aligned and easeful.

Given the traction of this way of thinking, I want to add a few intermediate markers between ‘Block’ and ‘Flow’.

Try these on:

  • Level 1. Blocked
  • Level 2: Loosening
  • Level 3: Building
  • Level 4: Optimising
  • Level 5: In-flow

This matters because each of the above stages require an entirely different kind of CEOship. 

Level 1: Observant, brave, uncompromising, visionary.

Level 2: Brave, change-ready, highly observant, persuasive.

Level 3: Gritty, deliberate, systematic

Level 4: High standards, exacting, encouraging, relentless

Level 5: Strategic, long-term orientated, growth-minded, seeking the next iteration of the business.

The above is only compelling for a CEO who is systemically-minded (i.e. they see the value in understanding how businesses really work), of a growth mindset (they see their skill-set as never being complete), and bullish about their business’ future prospects.

If, as a CEO, you are this way inclined then spend time tuning into your business so that you are really clear what stage of organisational development your business is in, and what that calls for from you, the CEO.

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