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Attunement and Coherence: a better way to make important decisions

Anecdotally, working with a person or a business requires quite a navigation before the work...

What do you need?

I try to teach indulgence when I work with CEOs but it’s a surprisingly hard...

The Talent Corridor: do you have it?

Over the past month I’ve been in Nairobi, Frankfurt, Dubai and London and each market...
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Total Business Performance: A CEO’s ultimate judge

In amongst the white noise that accompanies all CEO’s daily grind, one truth trumps all...
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The only two questions a CEO should be asking

Question 1: What do I want for my business? Question 2: What do I need...

Leaders can recognise the true signal within a lot of noise

As Dave Matthews sings in the song ‘Madman’s eyes’, ‘Can’t hear what you’re saying when...

Business as a route march, or Business as a quest

I hosted a dinner last night for a group of CEOs and the word ‘quest’...
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The quality of your questions: ‘An examined life is not worth living’

Socrates said as much. Your questions that underpin this examination allow you to assess the...

The 10 Core CEO Crafts

If you are drawn to the idea of leadership craft, this is for you. It’s...

Trends I’m seeing in the CEO role from the UK VC/PE community

Working within the Venture Capital and Private Equity communities in the UK has given me...

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