The quality of your questions: ‘An examined life is not worth living’

Socrates said as much.

Your questions that underpin this examination allow you to assess the quality of your ambition.

What are you thinking about at the moment?

What is top of mind?

What is keeping you awake at night?

What is drawing you in?

What is repelling you?

Assess the quality of your responses:

  • Do your answers feel important?
  • Do your answers feel accurate?
  • Do your answers feel honest?

If not, there is likely a need for further examination of your life, and potentially of your work life so that renewal can take place.

A new ambition.

A clearer intention.

A wiser goal. 

Things change in life all the time: ourselves, our context, our ecosystem. The only way of keeping up with these changes is to stay on top of the questions we’re asking ourselves. 

The alternative is flatness, forcing, efforting and low joy.

None are helpful.

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