Total Business Performance: A CEO’s ultimate judge

In amongst the white noise that accompanies all CEO’s daily grind, one truth trumps all others: that the CEO will be judged on the total performance of a business.

There are two ‘total’s in Total Business Performance:

‘Total’: the full extent of the business: people; strategy; brand; product and more.

‘Total’: the accessing of the fullest potential of a business.

Amazingly, for many CEOs, the goal of Total Business Performance gets lost in the shuffle of urgent problems to fix or short-term goals to reach. This is a fundamental error of thinking and perspective, but it’s correctable.

The answer lies in elevating your CEO contribution: the all-encompassing role that you, the CEO, play. A business can never outperform the skill level of the CEO, and thus elevating yourself opens the door for higher-value ideas such as Total Business Performance. 

This requires cutting away lower-value habits that you might be engaged with to make space for a better version of yourself, and thus a better version of your business.

More steps follow it, the likes of which I will be writing more about in coming months, but this first step: the recognition of your ultimate CEO contribution is the portal that you need to walk through first.

Then dedicating yourself to pursue this singular task becomes more easily done, driven by a clear outcome.

If you need elevating, recognise the insight, take action, and the total performance of your business will follow.

It just so happens that you’ll get a lot more enjoyment out of the role, too. That helps.

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