The 10 Core CEO Crafts

If you are drawn to the idea of leadership craft, this is for you.

It’s probably naive of me to release this into the public space without protecting it but given that developing global CEO craft is my mission, I’m choosing to be abundant about it. 

The working title is: ‘The 10 Core CEO Crafts’:

In my view, if a CEO nails these 10 Crafts, a business is almost guaranteed to succeed. It’s a bold statement, but I back this framework. It’s only taken 20 years of thinking to birth.

Here is how it works:

  • There are 10 Core Crafts that a CEO needs to know in order to build a successful business
  • There are listed in a sequence and must be followed in this sequence from 1 to 10
  • If your work starts at number 1, so be it – that’s your starting point

Here are the 10 Core Crafts:

  1. Conceptualise a winning business formula 
  2. Design a quality business output 
  3. Map a pathway to a desired business outcome 
  4. Build a healthy gross margin
  5. Solve for growth
  6. Form a leadership team
  7. Set your cultural codes
  8. Build an organisational execution plan
  9. Choreograph an organisational rhythm
  10. Communicate safety and hope

Here’s how to use it:

We work in an alliance: I bring the teachings and best practices, you learn the craft and implements them into your business. 

Based on how far back in the progression you need to start, we form a curriculum together: what crafts you need to develop, over what period of time, and with what level of intensity. Then we

The value creation:

The value that I see in this framework is that it codifies what a CEO is called to do in a clear, simple way. They bear a lot more unpacking in order to learn these crafts and implement them into your business, but it’s the overall picture that I’m drawing your attention to. The provocation to you is whether you have the appetite to do the work: to commit your energy to learn true leadership craft. 

Some CEOs will be up for this and some won’t – that’s a personal choice. But what your choice will surface is your ‘stance’: how you view your role, your vocation and your future path. 

The CEOs who jump at craft are generally the ones who are alive to their professional journey and highly energised by what they are trying to accomplish.

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