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The Performance Delta

The Performance Delta assesses where a business is leaking performance and provides a clear path to recapture this performance. A 6-week engagement builds a whole-system diagnostic view for Operating Partners of PE/VC firms, CEOs, and boards.


Gain fresh insights to recapture lost value and drive growth

Recapture lost value

Understanding how and why a business performs is complex. Patterns that dictate performance are invisible and require interrogation. The Performance Delta compiles a singular, easy-to-comprehend view of how to recapture lost value. Our external perspective is unencumbered by history and over-familiarity and provides businesses with a fresh view on how to drive value.

Old ways of understanding business performance have given way to more sophisticated approaches. The Performance Delta applies sophisticated system-thinking to a business that reveals these patterns, allowing for course-correction: adding missing elements to a business, eliminating blockages; leveraging competitive advantages.

Unlock hidden potential

The engagement is intimate, requiring six weeks of in-person and virtual interaction to form a summary view. This view is presented to boards, CEOs or management teams in a live setting, which allows time to unpack complex insights.

Unlock hidden potential with the Performance Delta. In just 6 weeks, gain fresh insights to recapture lost value and drive growth.


The Performance Delta applies a series of lenses to a business
that form a singular picture of its performance readiness

This code is cracked by way of a rigorous interrogation of all aspects of a business, done through distinct lenses.


Is the business set
up to win?


Does the business matter
relative to the needs of society?


Does the business have the
ability to evolve?


Is the pathway forward well-
interrogated and understood?


Are the various drivers
within a business in sync?


Is there a vital life force
present in the business?


Is the business optimally
organised for success?

  • Introduction to the Performance Delta methodology
  • Assessing the business setup for winning in the market
  • Identifying areas of strength and improvement
  • Evaluating the business’s relevance to societal needs
  • Assessing the company’s ability to evolve and adapt
  • Identifying opportunities for growth and innovation
  • Examining the business’s strategic pathway and understanding
  • Analysing the alignment of internal drivers for success
  • Uncovering areas for better synchronisation
  • Assessing the vital life force and energy within the organisation
  • Evaluating the business’s organisational structure for optimal success
  • Identifying areas for organisational improvement
  • Combining the insights from all lenses to form a comprehensive performance picture
  • Identifying the unique performance formula for the business
  • Presenting the findings to boards, CEOs, or management teams
  • Collaborative discussion to unpack complex insights
  • Developing a clear action plan for recapturing lost value and driving growth

What our clients say

Working with Rowan has given me a number of new filters with which to look at the organisation I run. My sessions with him are ones I truly savour and reflect on, and the impact he has made on me has truly been profound and permanent.
Faheem Chaudry
Worldwide, Rowan is a pioneer and leader in this surprisingly untrodden field of whole-system business performance.. His impact on my organisation has been profound.
Brent Fairlie
Change processes are tough but Lockstep provided a safe, well thought-out process for us to follow. What was especially important was their ability to help us handle tough conversations when the process was met with resistance. They also kept our eye on the deeper purpose of the engagement, never letting us lose sight of the meaning that powerted the work we were doing.
Global Media Group

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Frequently asked questions

Blindspots are inevitable when running a business and objectivity is hard to create. The Performance Delta shows a full and complete picture of how the business is currently operating, absent of bias, a view that is hard to generate internally.
CEOs and Management Teams have new tools and possibilities to work with as a result of The Performance Delta. Coming to grips with new ways to create value requires a period of adjustment in order to fully operationalise this change. Lockstep is often, but not always, called on to guide this process.
The quantum of value will differ depending on the appetite of stakeholders to realise this value. The pathway to value-creation, however, will be clear.
The latent value sitting in businesses that are able to apply modern thinking to overall business performance is vast. The engagement fee is relatively insignificant when compared to the quantum of value on the table.


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