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The Multi-Modal Leader Program

Discover The Multi-Modal Leader Program, a leadership development product that equips leaders with situation-specific leadership skills.


The program develops four distinct Leadership Modes – Guide, Drive, Inspire and Connect.


This program provides leaders with a customised toolbox and personalised game plan to suit their specific leadership challenges.


Sets leaders on a course for building high-performing teams that deliver results

Four distinct leadership modes

The Multi Modal Leadership Program teaches leaders how to operate in four distinct Leadership Modes. Each mode is underpinned by a set of distinct leadership behaviours that fully-developed leaders must be able to access each mode in order to lead effectively across a variety of business scenarios.

The Multi Modal Leadership Program is a mature offering that has been refined over multiple years across a wide variety of business sectors. Results are tracked to ensure impact across an organisation.

Program format

The program structure consists of six modules that are delivered over 4 – 6 months online, in-person or in a hybrid mode. The learning process consists of teaching, personal discovery, coaching and applied learnings and culminates with each leader building their own personalised, fit-for-purpose leadership plan.

The program structure allows for large numbers of leaders to be built at scale.

Unlock your leadership potential with the Multi Modal Leadership Program.


The Multi Modal Leadership Program teaches
leaders how to operate in four distinct Leadership Modes

The opening module of The Multi Modal Leadership Program teaches foundational leadership techniques that set a base for the ensuing modules.

Leaders will understand the current business context they operate in and the results they are being asked to deliver. Personal leadership motivations and behaviour patterns are unpacked, giving leaders an understanding of what informs their unique leadership approach.

The Guide Mode focuses on understanding and navigating the ever-changing external environment. This module teaches leaders how to set a vision and communicate the way forward to the people they lead.

Leaders will learn how to identify potential opportunities and anticipate challenges, guiding your team by creating conditions of surety and calm as the leaders’ future vision is brought to life.

In the Drive Mode, leaders learn how to motivate others to deliver exceptional results. This module focuses on setting clear expectations, establishing accountability, and providing the necessary support to foster high performance.

Leaders learn how to monitor progress and address performance gaps to create a culture of continuous improvement.

The Connect mode helps leaders build cohesion and trust.

Building cohesion requires careful refinement of the right culture by creating safe environments that encourage collaboration and generosity. The Connect Mode helps leaders develop the intuition and people-management skills that are vital to high performance.

The Inspire Mode teaches leaders to create the vitality and life force that powers high performance. Hope is a key component of business success: the belief that a better future awaits.

Instilling this hope requires leaders to be expressive in their actions and creative in their communication. The Inspire Mode develops the creativity in leaders to fully express their aspirations for a team in a compelling, believable way.

Good leadership requires grit: having a plan and sticking to it. On the back of the progress made over the previous modules and the familiarisation with the four Leadership Modes, a tight game plan is needed to bring the learnings together.

A personalised leadership plan is developed in this module that ties the previous modules together and sets leaders on a course for building high-performing teams that deliver results.


What our clients say

Working closely with Anne and Lockstep for the past 3 years has been instrumental in the development of my role, strengthened relationships with colleagues and most notably, enriched my knowledge of myself. Her clear, steady, and thoughtful guidance is an invaluable investment in any team and business.
Katherine Freemantle
Managing Director: IMA
In addition to being able to trust Anne with the important work of helping to build great leadership teams, Anne and her team have been selfless in ensuring that we are able to carry on the work in their absence by building our team's capability and sharing their practices. Working with Anne has been a pleasure and I will continue to partner with her and her team in the future.
Nthabiseng Mutisya
Talent Management Director: PepsiCo
Anne from Lockstep understood our business context and demonstrated flexibility from the beginning, accommodating our unique challenges and creating customised solutions for our business. Their agility enabled us to swiftly adapt and pivot leading to significant enhancements in productivity and performance among our leadership group. I highly recommend Anne and the team from Lockstep for their professionalism, expertise, and innovative problem-solving abilities.
Mike Morris
Founder and Operations Director: Flash Group

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Frequently asked questions

There is no limit to the number of participants that can attend the programme.
Measurement of the programme takes place at the outset and on the closing of the programme via qualitative self assessment and qualitative feedback from another person within the business.
Yes, we work across multiple time zones
This programme is aimed at anyone who is in a Leadership role regardless of seniority
Follow-up coaching by Lockstep-trained Leading Manager coaches is available upon completion of the program.
Each module is designed with a practical application directly back into the work environment. Learning integration conversations take place between modules to provide practical support for participants.
Each module is designed with a business context in mind using practical examples and exercises that apply to your situation. Business scenarios are built into each module showcasing the skills taught.
All Lockstep facilitators are senior by nature with numerous qualifications spanning from business degrees to practitioner-specific courses completed. Each facilitator has received extensive training on the Lockstep specific Leading Manager Program.
Yes, customization to your business-specific context is an important component to better performance.


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