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The Leading Manager Program

Elevate your first-line managers with our 6-month Leading Manager Program, combining practical learning methods to drive team performance, inspire effort, and grow talent.

Shaping and optimizing management teams

Building core managerial skills

The Leading Manager Program builds core managerial skills across groups of first-line managers. The program consists of six distinct modules that are delivered over 6 months fully online, in-person or in a hybrid model.

Managers are taught to provide context and direction for their teams, drive performance across a team, inspire individual effort and grow their team members.

Unique learning experience

Each of the Leading Manager Program modules combines teaching with practice: relevant frameworks are combined with case studies and reflective practices, all being applied into teams in real time. Impact is felt immediately due to the practical implementation of newly acquired management skills.

For a unique learning experience tailored to your company’s needs. Invest in your team’s future success.


The Leading Manager Program
follows a fine-honed sequence:

Plot the path to performance for your team that provides a foundation for your management game plan. This game plan underpins the skill building across the remaining modules of the Leading Manager Program.
A powerful profiling tool reveals the motivations that drive a manager’s behaviours. Managers will learn how they impact others and how best to work across diverse personality types.
Craft a clear, inspiring vision for a team. By the end of this module, managers will have articulated a vision and developed the communication skill to share the vision persuasively across their team.
Learn how to set clear expectations and standards. In this module you’ll learn how to empower people, provide clear direction, and instil high-performance habits across a team.
Managers will learn how to use an elegant coaching model and develop practical coaching experience in real time. This vital managerial skill buys managers time and space by developing team members to thank and act of their own accord.
Holding team members to account is a vital component of skilled management. In this module you’ll learn how to enforce accountability in a clear way that keeps relationships in tact.

What our clients say

Anne from Lockstep understood our business context and demonstrated flexibility from the beginning, accommodating our unique challenges and creating customised solutions for our business. Their agility enabled us to swiftly adapt and pivot leading to significant enhancements in productivity and performance among our leadership group. I highly recommend Anne and the team from Lockstep for their professionalism, expertise, and innovative problem-solving abilities.
Mike Morris
Founder and Operations Director: Flash Group
Luno has been partnering with Lockstep since 2019 to support us with developing our growing number of Leading Managers. Lockstep understood the ask and has designed engagements that have been impactful. Anne's business understanding coupled with her and the team's knowledge of human behaviour has been of high value. Together, we are building an exceptional group of impactful Leaders and Managers.
Jaimé-Lee Green
Global Head of People Development: Luno
What the hell should a CEO focus their energy on? It's a question I grappled with for years as our company and its demands on me began to grow. Rowan has helped me figure some of this stuff out and point me in the right direction.
Styli Charalambous

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Frequently asked questions

There is no limit to the number of participants in The Leading Manager Program.
Participants nominate and track three key development areas that are agreed upon at the outset of the program and are evaluated at the conclusion of the programme.
Yes, Lockstep operates across multiple time zones.
World-class Leading Managers who have developed the essential skills required to manage their teams with greater confidence toward optimal performance.
Anyone who currently manages people or anyone who is going to be managing people in the near future.
Each module consists of a half-day time requirement with practical application back into the business.
Follow-up coaching by Lockstep-trained Leading Manager coaches is available upon completion of the program.
Each module is designed with a practical application directly back into the work environment. Learning integration conversations take place between modules to provide practical support for participants.
Each module is designed with a business context in mind using practical examples and exercises that apply to your situation. Business scenarios are built into each module showcasing the skills taught.
Each participant completes a short but comprehensive assessment pre and post-program measuring the impact of the program.
Absolutely, peer learning and collaboration is a critical part of the program
All Lockstep facilitators are senior by nature with numerous qualifications spanning from business degrees to practitioner-specific courses completed. Each facilitator has received extensive training on the Lockstep specific Leading Manager Program.
Yes, customization to your business-specific context is an important component to better performance.


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