The other 50% of your businesses’ potential

On average I have found that businesses reach 50% of their potential. 

This begs two questions:

  • What is the nature of the remaining 50% of that potential?
  • How is that potential accessed?

The truth is that the first 50% is pretty orthodox: one can read about these best practices in the myriad business books that are available. The diligent CEOs have generally done that reading and are implementing most of what they learned.

The remaining 50% – at least the nature of it – is harder to access. Not harder to implement (the second 50% of potential is more joyfully implemented) but harder to access because the methodologies and approaches aren’t written about, if known at all.

The underpinning construct behind my work is the idea of ‘Sacred Success’: balancing the wonderful attributes of success with the depth and wisdom of sacredness. The integration of these two forces – Sacredness and Success – is the new frontier of business. 

There are many examples of this already manifesting across the business landscape, but they are early-stage and the runway ahead is packed with yet-to-be-tapped potential.

‘Sacred’ is not a common business term and it runs the risk of being ignored or diminished at first blush. This is the barrier that CEOs will need to overcome if the latent potential in their businesses is to be accessed: that new language and concepts will make this progress out of reach.

So be aware of your response to this provocation about sacredness even as you read this missive …

As I wrote about last Monday, business is currently operating with an outdated blueprint that is no longer fit for purpose. Tired ideas and overused approaches are getting increasingly less bang for their buck: something akin to pressing the accelerator harder and harder, and getting less speed out of the vehicle. 

A CEO’s stomach for this scenario is telling: either a stoic response that submits to the toil; or a braver, more creative response that seeks new and better ways. Having worked with a host of CEOs over the past decades, the difference is stark: the latter profile of CEOs work in a lush, rich environment; the former half slowly die on the vine.

My wish for all CEOs is a firm refusal to die on that corporate vine and energetically believe in and seek out a new way of being in business. The ‘sacredness’ of that journey provides a range of possibilities whose beauty is hard to do justice to: depth; intuition; insights; options; opportunities; joy; unlimited success; easefulness. 

It’s a compelling promise that is waiting for you right on your doorstep. Take one step toward it and you and your business will be rewarded in untold glorious ways. 

The universe wants your business to flourish because the universe is set up that way: to enable you. All you need to do is become attuned to the until-now hidden forces of enablement that are already present in your business and allow them in. 

You will note that the language and concepts that I’m using are different, now. This is the sacredness I speak of. It feels different because it is different. And so much richer.

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