Soul at the epicentre of your business’ potential

It’s been an interesting journey for me over the past few months as I’ve tentatively introduced the concept of ‘soul’ into the business narrative. To my delight, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive, the feedback being along the lines of ‘it’s about time for this in business’. 

In particular, the encouragement has been to be less apologetic about the topic and to back my instinct and go at it full throttle. So, thank you to all those who’ve taken the time to reach out to me and nudge me along – it does wonders for my assertiveness regarding this nuanced topic that, if misinterpreted, could feel frivolous to the hard-charging CEOs of the world. 

In line with that sentiment, I’m going to go deeper into the territory of ‘business soul’ and codify why soul is vitally important to a business.

The Soul of your business is the genesis of its fullest potential. It houses the DNA that, when unearthed, provides the key to all of what your business could become, and could accomplish.

Let’s pause to recognise how valuable such a codifier can be. There is no other such source that exists. 

  • Strategy provides the route
  • Purpose provides the heart
  • Values provide the guidelines

None of the above, or any other source, provides the ‘key to the kingdom’, as it were: the source and nature of your businesses’ fullest potential. 

Both upside potential and downside risk protection are on the table. 

Upside: what the business could achieve; how best to shape your business; opportunities that are available but which might not have been noticed

Downside: noticing where your business is distorted; seeing the holes that exist in your business; and heading off failures at the pass.

Leaning into the thinking of my co-collaborator Ellie Seilern, the soul of your business has the potential to unlock:

Sovereignty, Power, Strength, Wisdom, Discernment, Willingness, Faith, Devotion, Commitment, Will, Alignment, Courage, Clarity, Wholeness, Love, Transformation, Healing, Generativity, Creativity, and Rejuvenation.

Taken together, this is a VERY powerful grouping of forces, any one of which could unlock latent potential that moves the needle on your business performance. At the bottom line, no less, which is no small point. Businesses exist to create value and this truth can never, and should never, be circumvented. 

Soul-unlocking creates legitimate, measurable value.

The foundational methodology that underpins our work at Lockstep is the concept of ‘Sacred Success’, which balances the influence of soul (i.e. the Sacred) and business performance (i.e. the Success). 

Working with business soul is the entry point to the Sacred, which is where most businesses are underdeveloped,  and which is the root cause of underperformance, human collateral damage and failure. 

Get the balance right between Sacredness and Success and you’ll have a business that is truly prepared to thrive in current day business conditions.

My invitation is to open yourself up to working with business soul. It’s a competitive advantage lying in wait.

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