‘Sacred Success’: the new code for business performance

I don’t use the word ‘sacred’ lightly.

It is a powerful, dense term that is hard to ignore. Reactions to the word ‘sacred’, when used in business, vary from surprise to intrigue to discomfort.

Let me unpack Sacred Success for common understanding.

The concept is a balancing act between the art (Sacred) and the science (Success) of business, both of which are needed to give a business the right composition to reach full performance.

The Sacredness provides the wholeheartedness that makes businesses appealing. 

The Success provides the rigour that makes businesses effective.

The integration of the two is where the magic lies:

  • Too much sacredness and the business becomes toothless
  • Too much success and the business becomes brittle
  • The right combination of the two provides a yin-and-yang counterbalancing effect

Businesses of the past relied heavily on the Success component and for years businesses have been able to get away with an approach that mechanically drove performance.

That approach is now outdated. Modern businesses require a different treatment that caters to the new dynamics of organisational performance: fast change; complexity; new talent dynamics; uncertainty; and disruption. 

To ‘catch’ all these dynamics requires leaders to construct – or reconstruct – businesses differently. This requires an upgraded set of leadership capabilities, one of which is the understanding of what generates enduring business performance. 

Sacred Success might feel awkward to you at first, but sink into the concept and try to see the nuance of it. When implemented well, Sacred Success is a game-changing stance for a CEO. A host of new options and outcomes appear on the table which fit hand-in-glove with your existing organisational structures.

Over and above the performance benefits, bringing sacredness into your business simply feels good. Meaning abounds, connection is created, and lifeforce is unleashed. 

This was the initial dream when we all entered business: a fulfilling, enjoyable and rewarding experience of work. 

That dream is now more possible than ever.

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