Attunement and Coherence: a better way to make important decisions

Anecdotally, working with a person or a business requires quite a navigation before the work goes ahead. Scheduling, money, availability, competing interests, resistance, and confusion can come into play. 

Knowing when to press, when to let go, and when to observe is a vital part of my practitioner craft that I constantly refine. The answer could be clearer, which begs the question: is there a wiser way to make the right choices?

This is one of a multitude of areas in life where we need to make good choices, but often don’t have the information to do so. Were there a way to cut through the clutter and to see the answer vividly and immediately, we would benefit profoundly.

Well, there is.

Now that I’ve started working with the technique of Attunement and Coherence (MUCH more on this to come …) I am coming to understand a better way to make these choices, with implications that run far deeper into my life and hopefully yours. 

A few quick definitions to help you comprehend this article:

  • Attunement: ‘Tuning into’ your business in a way that goes beyond thinking and into the realm of sensing, intuition and ‘knowing’.
  • Coherence: Recognising what is meant to belong in your business (either already present or needing to be present) or not belong in your business (that needs to be removed).

This a new and unexplored territory, but the implications of learning this new way are powerful:

  • A new set of tools at your disposal
  • Far better quality of choices
  • Significantly better understanding your business
  • Dramatic reduction of stress 
  • Peace of mind from being secure in your choices

That is a hard-to-ignore list of benefits on the table. 

In case you’re thinking that these terms are beyond you, or the needs of your business, consider these everyday, run-of-the-mill areas where they can be easily and quickly applied:

  • How to price a product
  • Whether to take on a client
  • Whether to merge/acquire
  • Whether to hire a particular person
  • What strategic direction to follow

And many, many more.

But these benefits will not appear from the closed-minded. 

Attunement and Coherence require the willingness to open up your right brain, where you can access nuanced, complex ideas such as Attunement and Coherence. Once this portal is open, it’s like a sluice gate for new ideas and approaches, many of which are of the highest leverage and go well beyond the relatively mundane and overused set of tools that are available to CEOs today.

This requires a step forward on your path to CEO ‘maturity’. And maybe not even a step forward: a step ‘through’ might be more apt: stepping through old constraints and into new, flourishing territory that has yet to be explored. 

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