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Business impact is the marker of effective leadership. Lockstep’s Systemic Leadership Solutions move entire businesses forward – each leader building organisational assets that make a business stronger.

Empowering Leaders to Build a Purpose-Driven Business

Leadership impact framework

Businesses that perform are businesses that are well-built. It falls to leaders to build such businesses, each leader building organisational strength by way of their leadership efforts.

These efforts require coordination and Lockstep’s Leadership Solutions provide a framework for leaders and leadership teams to work in harmony toward a shared vision. A Leadership Impact Framework is created that sets a clear path toward building business strength, taking important organisational assets into account: brand, product, innovation, culture, and customer service.

Building a business that matters

What makes a business mean something is purpose. A goal. A battle. All organisational assets are underpinned by the ideal of building a business that matters: an attractor that infuses the actions of leaders with purpose and life-force.

Discover the power of Lockstep’s Leadership Solutions and transform your organisation. Unite your leadership team, align your vision, and build a business that truly matters.


Lockstep’s Leadership Solutions
build business strength by:

Building alignment amongst leaders around a clear organisational plan. Developing leadership skills that build organisational strength and drive results. Curating the right conversations across a leader body, 
unblocking and releasing leadership power as the organisational journey unfolds.
Tracking progress along the organistional journey against a clear 
a set of deliverables and timing plan.

Building alignment amongst leaders around a clear organisational plan. Developing leadership skills that build organisational strength and drive results.

Curating the right conversations across a leader body, unblocking and releasing leadership power as the organisational journey unfolds.

Tracking progress along the organistional journey against a clear a set of deliverables and timing plan.

Lockstep works with clients to understand their current state (A) relative to a desired future state (B) . Both A and B require careful understanding so that the chosen organisational journey is accurate, and well-considered. Lockstep uses frameworks such as Theory U and Three Horizons to frame the organisational journey.
The Leadership Impact Framework names the organisational journey in clear detail, giving leaders a roadmap to follow, individually and as a leadership unit.
Important leadership conversations function like beachheads along the organisational journey, allowing leaders to reconnect and refocus on the continuing change journey. Such conversions require careful curation, design and facilitation in order to combine teaching, reflection and clearing conversations.

Lockstep’s Leadership Solutions are rigorous in gathering data from leaders that form a clear picture of progress. Alignment, energy, accuracy and buy-in are constantly monitored in order to provide leaders with the right support along the organisational journey.


What our clients say

Change processes are tough but Lockstep provided a safe, well thought-out process for us to follow. What was especially important was their ability to help us handle tough conversations when the process was met with resistance. They also kept our eye on the deeper purpose of the engagement, never letting us lose sight of the meaning that powerted the work we were doing.
Global Media Group
Most of my previous experience with leadership coaches has been underwhelming: theoretical models, loose deliverables, trite commentary, and superficial analysis. Rowan is the absolute antithesis of this and the impact is fast, measurable and deep. The work is often hard but pushes people through doors very quickly.
Jonty Fisher
What the hell should a CEO focus their energy on? It's a question I grappled with for years as our company and its demands on me began to grow. Rowan has helped me figure some of this stuff out and point me in the right direction.
Styli Charalambous
I have had the privilege of being informed and inspired by Rowan over the past few years. His prompts, processes, and conversations are always deeply valuable, intellectual, and practical. His IP is unequaled, but his humanity and his deep belief that being a CEO can be joyful, creative, and energising - and not just something to be endured - is very unique and useful.
Kevin Liebenberg
Rowan has a passion to see CEO's thrive and not merely survive. He has an in-depth understanding of the complexity and demand of the role of CEO'ship and then takes it to the next level by understanding you in the role as CEO. As an entrepreneur and CEO, the input and guidance I have received from him have been invaluable and at times a lifeline. I highly recommend the CEO project.
Philippa Geard
My journey with Rowan has been life-changing and continues to be life-changing. Not only for my CEO work but as a person too. Every time I’ve sat around a table with Rowan and my CEO peers, I feel challenged and inspired. Somehow the topics always hit the right spot at a time I need it.
Carey van Vlaanderen

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Frequently asked questions

The Leadership Impact Framework is rigorous in naming clear goals for leaders to deliver on. Leaders are set clear tasks to fulfil and the completion of these tasks, in conjunction with their development, is closely tracked.
All leaders work off the same plan – clearly laid out and carefully planned. This assures clear alignment across a leader body.
All businesses have a big idea in them – they merely require unearthing by way of highly specific dialogue that takes place across a leader body, led by the CEO.
Typically between 6 and 12 months.
No, organisational journeys are where leaders’ efforts take place. This is the work of leaders, not a side show.
When leaders act in unison against a clear plan, change happens. When enough small changes come together in a coordinated effort, an entire business tightens and performance follows closely thereafter.
What matters to a business is highly individualised – no two businesses are the same. Lockstep provides a platform to unlock what matters to businesses, content that is carefully coaxed out of a CEO, a leader body, and other important voices within a business.


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