A tech company returns to its startup style roots


Our client, a startup tech company, had grown exponentially and wanted to retain the startup feel it had started to lose when they created hierarchy through making unconscious decisions.


A flatter organisation with self governing teams.


The business put multi-disciplinary,fully accountable teams in place creating an agile startup feel and we ensured the leadership skills required for success were in place.

What we did

Two 8-month leadership processes for both senior leadership & junior team members including deep dives offsite; both individual and group coaching and ongoing strategic conversations with the senior executive team.

Required From Senior Leadership

Coaching rather than managing; offering in-the-moment feedback; deep self-knowledge about blindspots so they could respond, rather than react to leading a more empowered team; high-levels of trust in their team.

Required From Junior Team Members

Comfort with being held accountable publicly; stepping up and taking initiative.


Those who didn’t enjoy the new structure and culture left quickly while those who did, stayed and thrived. Teams took full responsibility for their individual mandates. The entire business became more efficient at responding to client demands.


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